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Summer Camp
2021 Griffin Summer Camp    July 5 - August 11
Runner's Workshop Optional Idyllwild Team Camp August 1-6

Griffin Summer Camp is a 6 week camp designed to progressively get you ready for both the Team Time Trial - at Central Park on August 9 and the competitive season from September to mid November. Camp includes great training, dynamic warm up, strength work, beach and hill runs, frisbee ultimate, pool workouts and lots of fun.  

Runner's Workshop Running Camp in Idyllwild is our optional team camp.  Runners will take part in double day workouts, clinics and lots of fun team-bonding outdoor recreation. The coaches include UCLA coach Devin Elizondo and 3 time Olympian Steve Scott.  The camp has over 20 collegiate runners who serve as camp counselors.  Camp will help you take your running to the next level and you will have lots of fun getting to know your teammates in the fun recreation and wacky camp events. Click on the link above for additional info and register. Email coach Celestin with any questions.

Griffin Summer Camp weekly schedule:


Boy’s Varsity 40 miles per week these next 3 weeks, Girls Varsity and Boy JV - 30 miles, Girls JV 25 miles. Sophomores and Incoming Freshman and younger - 15-25 miles.

Monday - Thursdays - 4:30pm-6:30pm, Friday - 8:00am-10:00am.  

First Monday - (July 6) meet at LAHS
All other Mondays - meet at Central Park (Huntington Beach) for hill day 
(we will send an email location update each week).
Tuesdays - meet at Seal Beach Pier for workout
Wednesday - meet at LAHS - Interval Day
Thursday - meet at LAHS - Short run, Frisbee Ultimate and Pool (bring swim suit)
Friday - meet  at LAHS - Long Run Day


We will start you relatively easy. As you adjust to the workouts we will start to insert you into our regular running groups. The key for you is consistency. The more days you come to running camp the more you will progress. Find someone a little faster than you to run with. Focus on Monday/Wednesday/Friday Be sure to run on days you miss camp.


Into the fire! We trust you have been running and we will be training accordingly.
Your biggest improvement will come from how you upgrade your training - mileage, pace, strength and explosive work.

All athletes, let coaches know if you have any injuries and be sure to ice them at home 3 X 10 minutes. It is natural to be sore after workouts - for the first two weeks - then you should be pretty fit and feeling better.

What to bring - we have a pretty simple sport - just bring:
- Good running shoes (Snail’s Pace in Fountain Valley or Runner's High in LB are a good source if you still need shoes)
- Water bottle - filled with ice and water - EVERY DAY. Be sure to sip water all day long - stay hydrated.
- Roller ($10) and Stretching Band ($15) on Amazon.

- On Mondays (not this first one), Wednesdays and Fridays - we will have our toughest workouts - if possible bring a Gatorade or other sports drink and a Clif Bar or other sports bar / or Apple or Banana / or a box of Chocolate Milk. We need to get electrolytes and carbs in you within 20 minutes of the end of practice - to help your body recover and so it is ready to run the next day.  

-Thursday - running gear & swimsuit-the second half of practice is Aquajogger training in the Los Al pool.

Get a wristwatch (with stopwatch) or if you are serious and have some extra $ get a GPS watch (about $60+ on Amazon, not required - just for the serious).

Basic Rules:

- While you are training there will be coaches running and riding with you - but due to the nature of our sport - we will spread out as we run.  
- Be sure to follow all traffic rules and never cross the street illegally.  
- When we run on the bike trail / river channel - run on the right side of the trail (leaving enough room for bike riders) or on the dirt (a great option when available - for your legs). - Always have a running partner. If you need to stop for the bathroom or return to school before the end of practice - take a buddy with you.  
- As for phones - you can bring them to practice and lock them up in a locker or one of the coaches or athletes cars at the start of practice and get them at the end. No phones or headphones while we run. At Seal Beach and hill days you can lock them in one or our cars - though we are not responsible for them.
- Coaches will stay for a few minutes after practice - but only a few minutes - please be sure you have arranged timely pickup from practice - otherwise you can wait at the front of school or the Seal Beach Pier at the end of practice. Exception - we will not leave from the hill location until everyone is picked up - so please be timely.

XC Stats - we log all of our workouts on XC Stats - it is a team requirement and also part of your grade when school begins. Please set up an account (using the handout) by the second week of camp- it is free and start recording your workouts. We run based on both miles and minutes. Please record your running in miles. To calculate miles from minutes use the following - Boys varsity 7 minutes per mile, Girls Varsity and Boys JV 8 minutes per mile, Girls JV and Boys FS 9 minutes a mile. Rookies 10 minutes per mile. Athletes will earn a T-shirt for going over 300 miles, 500, 750 and 1000!

Please go online to Strava and join our club at LAHSXC. You can record your workouts on your phone or GPS watch.  You can get inspired by see what your teammates are doing and you can inspire them!

Remind App - We will also be communicating through the Remind App. .

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